On-Camera Class December 2018

On-Camera Class December 2018

Alexander Technique for On-Camera Auditions at ATMotion

With Holly Cinnamon and Belinda Mello

December 6th and 13th, 2018

Thursdays 6:30-9pm

Balance Arts Center - 34 West 28th Street, New York, NY

This two week workshop will offer you tools of AT to enliven your on-camera auditions. Learn how to own every moment of your audition - from the moment you get the sides to the moment you walk out the Casting Director’s door. Learn how to expand your presence so that the CD gets an embodied sense of you as a person and the kinesthetic power of your work. Using the Alexander Technique, you will find ways to enjoy the expansive and powerful experience of your own audition - of yourself, your character and your total ownership of your acting.

Class 1: Own your time in your preparation of the lines, on your way to your audition and in the room. Learn how to orient in the space to ground yourself and make the audition room your scene partner. Find pleasure in discovering the space, the text, the silence, the person across from you and yourself in every moment.

Class 2: Make the most of your time on camera by learning how to focus your embodiment of storytelling. Practice conveying emotion through the conditions you set up, physically in yourself. Bring a lively sense of play to your auditions through a dynamic sense of tension. Learn to simply, but powerfully, draw attention to the relationship between your internal, private space and the outer objective world of the scene.

The instructors will assign sides in the room on the first day that you will take home to prepare for the second week. No memorization necessary.

Small group allows for personal attention!

Payment Options:
$120 for the 2 week workshop
$ 65 for 1 class -but attending both classes is recommended

Register Here: https://www.alextechmotion.com/classes/   (scroll down past calendar)

Restore the pleasure of acting to your auditions!