July 2018

July 2018

July Actor Class: Choice in Space

Owning Time and Space in Your Audition

July 2, 9, 16, 23 from 11am-1pm at the Balance Arts Center in Midtown

Do you ever feel rushed auditioning? Feel like your audition was a blur, out of your hands or like you don't know what you did? This class will explore how to orient in the room during your audition and own time, so you will be completely present in the room and create a presence that Casting Directors can't deny. An actor’s job is to translate the choices the character makes in the text into four dimensions – embodied in space through time. Consciously owning time and space in your audition allows the character's choices to become visible in three dimensions. In this class, we will experiment with the relationship between the dramatic tension in the text and your choices of time, space and attention in the audition room.

This class is geared to actors who are currently auditioning. We will apply the tools of Alexander Technique directly to your audition pieces: monologues and songs, and I will bring in sides to read as well. We will apply the tools to both theatre and on-camera auditions. I will share tools I use before I enter the room and while I am auditioning to create a heightened suspension of time and space, so that the CD is drawn into my audition and curious about me and about the story that's unfolding, moment by moment.

Holly Cinnamon is a working actor and certified Alexander Teacher. For her bio and more about AT for performers classes, click here

Cost: 4 classes for $80 or $25/class.

Email holly@hollycinnamon.com to register. 

Photo by JShoots Photography