Freedom to Act 2019

Freedom to Act 2019

I will be offering a workshop at Freedom to Act 2019.... 

Acting in 4D : Owning Time and Space in Your 


Saturday, January 5th, 2019
Balance Arts Center, 151 W. 30th St. 3rd floor 

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Does your awareness ever narrow when you walk into the audition room? Do you ever feel rushed? Are you aware of a power dynamic between you and the people behind the camera/table? Do you get in your head or forget what happened?

This workshop will offer you specific tools and simple exercises to help you orient in the room, both before and during your audition, and find resources in space that allow you to own the space. This way, resources in the room can be your allies and your scene partners.  We will also explore the use of time, applying the AT tool of inhibition, so that you can own every moment of your audition and have the casting director hanging off your every word.

We all know that “being present” is crucial to our work. But how do you achieve presence consistently? This workshop will offer methods to discover concrete tools specific to you that encourage and support your presence, so you can own yourself and your work in the room from start to finish every time. This workshop is open to all. You may bring in an audition piece you would like to explore. I will also have text available.

$50 - Single Session / $40 - Student Single Session / $285 - Full Conference

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