Study with Holly

Study with Holly

Holly Cinnamon currently teaches Alexander Technique in New York City. She began studying Alexander Technique because of her interest in movement, after being a yoga teacher for a number of years. She completed her Alexander Technique Teacher Training Certification at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Through Alexander Technique, Holly has come to completely change her outlook on life, her level of happiness, many unhelpful habits she was practicing unconsciously and unnecessarily, and her success in her career as an artist. Alexander Technique offers concrete ways to create change in your life by offering new perspectives and giving you the tools and the freedom to make conscious choices in how you live, moment by moment, with deep awareness.

Do you ever feel caught in habits you wish you could change, but you feel like you don't know how? Do you mentally beat yourself up or compare yourself to an ideal self? Do you have physical pain or tension you cannot find a consistent, longterm solution for? Alexander Technique does not offer a simple cure, fix or exercise. It offers you the tools to practice gaining new perspectives on your current, repetitive, day-to-day experience so that you can be aware of how to make new choices that will change your experiences, one moment at a time. 

Through hands-on contact, discussion and exercises, Holly will help you discover how you use your whole self - your mind-body-identity-organism - in everyday activities (such as your job, commute to work, home life), and offer you insight to make the changes you may wish to your habits and patterns. We will expand your field of attention beyond your habitual range, so that you have more freedom in how you use your attention and therefore yourself in your everyday activities, your work and your passion.

Topics that may be covered include: human anatomy, walking, sitting, standing, relationship to iPhone/computer, relationship to the space around you, finding kinesthetic resources, examining assumptions and ideas of self, the usefulness of tension, pausing, making choices, authentic movement, recognizing habitual patterns, freeing your mind and body of habitual patterns, observing past experiences from the present moment, observing future goals from the present moment, working with gravity well, finding pleasure in movement, changing your perspective through conscious choice, discovering new options of thinking habits, unraveling habitual motor neuron pathways, finding deep respect for your true self as you are now, and shedding story in favor of reality. 

Snakes periodically shed their skins in order to free themselves to grow and to slough off any parasites that may have become attached to them. You can do that too. 

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